Ad blockers are among the most downloaded extensions on web browsers.

Beyond the objective of making navigation more comfortable, those extensions are real concerns to press publishers because they create a strong deficit in value on advertising.

AdBlock is therefore perceived as very negative on the publisher side, while its impact could be apprehended positively.

Losing value vs. getting closer to readers

Difference in page views and time spent on a site between a visitor without AdBlock and a visitor who removed it as a result of media action

The blocking solution now covers 198 million users, and reportedly blocked $887 million in Google ads (according to an estimate).

Publishers are putting more and more resources in place to counter these tools and make their users understand that advertisements are not necessarily negative and help to pay for quality content.

Even if the basic message is positive, the form never is: the codes used are usually those of the conflict with a user with a bad behavior and a victim editor.

The fact that more and more users of setting up ad blockers could, on the contrary, be considered as a strong indicator that the medias are going too far with advertisements and that the user experience is degraded.

It is a glaring and important opportunity for these online press actors to get closer to their users and understand them.

Getting the most out of Adblock

The consequences of ad blocking should be a refocus on the user experience, and a better consideration of user expectations instead of a conflict user <> editor.

Pedagogy can create a relationship and cause a change in behavior on the users. Through these mechanisms, the knowledge of the user deepens. In addition to being engaged, he also becomes more qualified, which values the future ads that will be shown .

By taking the problem from this angle, the publisher turns a dry loss of revenue into multiple benefits: more commitment, ARPU * up, better valuation of advertising content.

What was a real issue becomes a new growth vector.

* ARPU: Average revenue per user

An evolution rather than an obstacle

By analyzing the situation and the possible options, we quickly realize that it is mainly about approach and philosophy.

AdBlock is pushing publishers to adapt, evolve and grasp barriers through innovation. Achieving this is an essential step that will allow the media not to be overwhelmed by disruptive technologies, current or future.

This is the stake: Adblock is only the visible part of a moving world, one that does not forgive conservatism and pushes everyone to move forward and adapt.