In order to get my Associate’s Degree in digital media and Internet studies, I had to do a 10-week internship. By chance, I had been told about a startup with a unique way to recruit interns.

“We’re looking for a Digital Content Warrior! You will have to write articles for the company. Give us 5 reasons why we shouldn’t hire you.


Working in a startup? 🤔

I was a little bit hesitant to work in a startup because I had already worked in one, and it didn’t go as I expected. It was not because of the atmosphere, but the organization. To me, “startup” meant “young company with a huge potential but with a lack of rules and consistency”.

A great welcome👌

Still, I decided to apply to produce content for Poool and the job interview was fine. It allowed me to see that the team was conscientious and hard-working.

I was hired and I have not been disappointed. Right after I arrived, I received a “welcome kit” composed of a document introducing Poool’s solutions, my email address and a document explaining the organization of the company. I also get a T-shirt that I’ll proudly wear the day of my defense… 😉

Learning before writing

The most difficult thing was to learn things about paywalls and Poool’s activity and to understand all of the challenges in press nowadays in order to write about it. It may seem simple, but for a student that had never worked in this field, everything is not obvious…

Whatever, I didn’t die learning and I have learnt a lot of things.

Another way to consider the team

At Poool, we don’t do a lot of meetings: we summarize what we have to do and what we’ve done throughout the past week during Monday weekly meetings. The rest of the time, we are constantly connected on Slack and we share our work with everyone which is great, but extremely confusing for me.

During my two years preparing my Associate’s Degree, I was used to talk with the team at the beginning of each project and to do most of my work without sharing it with people who didn’t need it to see it. If I had to write a text or to design something, I wouldn’t share it with the developers until the end of the project. If they wanted to follow my progress, they’d look at our Trello table.

Thanks to this internship, I had the chance to learn what was wrong in my way of working with a team and I’m trying to improve my communication skills.

I enjoyed working

The atmosphere was great. Poool is a cool working space, perfect for quick naps, riverside picnics and video games. I was very happy to go to work!

There were a lot of distractions… but just as much responsibilities. I had a great amount of writing an I liked it. My tutor, Yuna, gave me deadlines, and it motivated me.

My role as an intern

I’ve always been used to do exactly what I’ve been told because I thought the role of an intern was to be a subordinate, an underling.

But at Poool, I could express myself, give opinions, propose things. Everyone was in the same boat and was treated with respect.

To conclude, it was the best internship I could have ever imagined for this final year. The time just flew by, I did things that I love, and it is almost time to go.

Thanks for everything 👍

Article originally written by Roxane Zebina