The most persuasive argument that will lead customers to take out their credit cards and pay is the media’s value proposition and its associated content. However seldomly this argument is highlighted, its importance is paramount in the conversion funnel.

Even the best algorithm from machine learning will turn out to be utterly helpless if you don’t have contents and features correlated to a clear and set value proposition that will enable you to form a lasting relationship with your customers.

This said - and even though contents remain the main driver for subscription - the complexity of the user journey, the number of information asked for, the lack of payment methods or the difficulty to unsubscribe are obstacles preventing you from turning your users into subscribers.

That’s what our series of content “From content to subscription to ... content, how many touchpoints ?” is all about - understanding very precisely the number of clicks, scroll, necessary information and time spent to eventually access paid content.

In this series of articles, we’ll focus on conversion funnels of editorial publishers (listed below). We’ll focus on publications, but not exclusively on them.

Let’s focus today on a rather different example – Netflix.

TL;DR You can find below the journey of a user wishing to watch a film or series on Netflix (desktop):

  • 14 clicks are needed to subscribe and browse content;
  • 1 scroll is needed to see the entirety of the subscription form;
  • 4 fields are required to create an account;
  • 3 payment methods are available (credit card, PayPal, Netflix gift card).

Here is the customer’s journey 👇 (we will follow it together step by step)

Step by step now…


Step 0: The viewer wishes to access content available on Netflix

Their email address is required which will allow:

  • To begin the subscription process
  • To reactivate a previous subscription that has been interrupted if Netflix has the email recorded

Step 1: Account set-up

The first screen tells us to start setting up our account. A second screen requires us to create an account. We only have to create a password as our email has already been given in step 0.

Step 2: choice of offer

We can choose between three offers:

  • Premium offer in 4k
  • Standard offer in HD
  • Essential offer in SD

We opt for the ‘essential offer’ and Netflix freely upgrades us to the ‘standard offer’ (for the first 30 days).

Step 3: choice of payment method

3 payment methods are offered :

  • Credit card;
  • Paypal;
  • Netflix gift card.

Step 4: subscription form and payment

We are redirected towards a payment page. A single scroll is needed to see the subscription form in its entirety.

2 fields are needed to complete the creation of our account:

  • First name;
  • Last name;

The email address and password have been registered since step 0 & 1.

Then the card payment details are the following:

  • Card number;
  • Expiry date;
  • Visual cryptogram.

Step 5: Payment validation and confirmation of order

We validate our subscription. The recap of our offer is made (7.99 euros offer). Then we are asked to fill in our phone number in case we lose the password of our Netflix account.

Step 6: Account set-up

At this last step which lasts several pages, Netflix suggests viewers to set up their account to know:

  • Who will have access to the account (names);
  • In which language they wish to watch film/series;
  • On which device they will watch film/series;
  • Whether the use they make of Netflix is personal or professional;
  • What their favourite genres are.

The subscription journey of Netflix is interesting, because even though the purchase process is relatively simple (few required fields, rather quick…), the subscription journey on the other hand is rather long, because Netflix adds 2 important steps seldomly used in the subscription journey of media.

1. Automatic upsell in the 30 first days;

2.   Personalisation of the account to adapt content to the viewer’s tastes.