This Tuesday we had the opportunity to interview Solène Gasser, marketing director editor from La Croix International and user of our paywall Poool Access.

La Croix International is the international version of the French Catholic newspaper “La Croix”.

A major issue:

During the implementation of our paywall solution Poool Access, La Croix International had three separate aims which were:

  • having the biggest audience;
  • generate engagement;
  • generate subscribers.

But increasing the audience and engaging readers is seemingly opposed to introducing a paywall, which can reduce the number of active users.

Their challenge was the following: how can we conciliate discovery, engagement and conversion?


For each problem, its solution!

Thanks to Poool Access and after many tests, the team of La Croix international realized what worked better to reach their goal - a conversion funnel with several steps.

  • Readers not yet ready to subscribe are offered free articles at the beginning of the funnel;
  • Once the free articles are read, the reader is given the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter to access more articles;
  • Then, the reader is invited to subscribe after a certain amount of consumption.

The A/B testing functionalities allowed La Croix International to test several variations quickly, simply and without taking risks.

Satisfying results:

Results were very fast and promising. La Croix International reaches seemingly contradictory goals: traffic, engagement and conversions. In a few months, La Croix International developed traffic on their website and collected five times more emails. But that’s not all… since this funnel was implemented, the conversion rate improved and the number of subscribers doubled within a year.

The secret? A good content strategy correlated to a good marketing strategy and a good paywall strategy.  

Today, La Croix International has an excellent loyalty rate and an active subscriber base growing constantly. They have known a peak in March/April with a rise of 7% of the customer base.

And you Solène, what do you think about Poool Access?

As in every interview we make, we wish to know what people like about our paywall Poool Access, but also what we can improve.

Therefore, we asked Solène who said that the use of our paywall Poool Access was very simple and that the designs were intuitive and enjoyable.

Concerning the improvement, Solène wanted the emails collected by Poool to fall directly in her CRM.

That’s perfect for us because it’s the last aspect that we have developed!

Everything is explained in this article in our blog. If you want to know more, you can find all our news about the product on Poool changelog.

Thanks Solène for your feedback!