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What's included?

Week 1: Benchmarking

  • Best Paywalls of 2022, with best practices and takeaways from every example
  • Analysis of 9 Successful Publisher's Conversion Funnels, including The New York Times, Netflix and Quartz
  • Top Tip from Madeleine after speaking to Alternative Economiques' Head of Marketing on how they increased conversion rates by 40%

Week 2: Qualify your audience

  • Benchmarking Engagement Strategies for digital publishers
  • KPIs for Engagement - every metric to track to increase audience engagement at every step of the funnel
  • Top Tip from expert Anthony, who's worked with The NYT, The Economist and PlayBac Presse, sharing the simple but hugely effective tool for qualifying your audience

Week 3: The need-to-know before you launch

  • The Formula to Balance Frustration and Engagement, Poool's secret shared with real-life examples from Poool's successful clients
  • Subscription conversions: Finding the balance between audience frustration and engagement, best practices to employ for finding this balance
  • Top Tip from our CEO Maxime about finding the optimal blocking method for your paywall, taking SEO, bypassing, user experience & tech complexity into consideration

Week 4: Launch

  • 14 Steps to a Successful Subscription Strategy Checklist, the breakdown of this daunting move
  • Free trial of Poool's platform to discover the autonomy your marketing team will have to configure, launch and drive your conversion strategies without a tech team in sight
  • Top Tip from Marion, providing you with one key thing she's learnt after working with digital publishers for over 10 years

Week 5: The KPIs to track

  • The KPI Playbook - every metric needed to engage, convert and retain subscribers in the long term!
  • Top Tip from expert Ludivine after having worked with Prisma Media sharing her opinion of the most important KPI that you should be tracking for a successful premium strategy

Week 6: Optimize conversion rates

  • How to Optimize your Conversion Rates, the strategies to employ to convert yet more users into subscribers
  • A/B Testing Benchmarks, what are other publishers doing to optimize their conversion rates? A unique look behind the scenes of successful A/B tests with best practices and takeaways
  • Top Tip from Flore, our expert Client Support, on how valuable A/B testing is for your reader revenue strategy and what you need to know before running a test

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