From inspiration and best practices to launching, tracking and optimizing, this tool kit will provide you with EVERYTHING needed to make your paywall and subscription strategy a success!

On offer: articles, white papers, webinars and more to support you at every stage!

Above all, you'll need a simple but effective solution to get your subscription strategy on the road (or refresh an existing one)! Well, Poool's here for you!

Our Dashboard puts your marketing team back in control to drive your strategy forever, without ever having to call on the tech team for support. Segment your audience, build user journeys for each using our ready-made but fully personalizable wall options, carry out endless A/B tests with ease, analyze results and make changes in minutes.

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The Subscription Tool Kit.

With the ever increasing number of content producers who are employing a subscription strategy online today, you definitely won't be short of inspiration!

Importantly though, you should make your paywall and strategy your own - your business is unique, with its own goals, audience and content, so your strategy should be no different.

How do the industry leaders build their conversion funnel in a way that's led them to the success that they're seeing today? We analyzed the subscription funnels of 9 content producers to find out! Get inspiration from publishers such as The New York Times, Netflix, The Athletic and more.

Optimize your Conversion Funnel to Turn Users into Subscribers
How can you optimize your conversion funnel? We look through every stage in the user journey towards subscription, with examples from 11 publishers and best practices to apply to your strategy.

What about Poool's clients? How have they used our solution to create a paywall that matches their brand style, fits into their content and, ultimately, converts users into subscribers? In this article we look at 4 paywall designs from Poool clients.

4 Successful Paywall Design Examples by Poool Clients.
Discover how 4 of our prosperous clients have designed walls using the Poool Dashboard to engage, convert and monetize their audience! BONUS: our brand new design builder to make your walls even more optimized!

And how about a spotlight example of Mediacités, one of our French clients who has truly made the most of Poool's solution and all it has to offer. The team at Mediacités have created different journeys for users based on their propensity to subscribe and employed a variety of walls, such as a survey wall, donation wall and paywall.

Mediacités Success Story.
Discover how the digital-first, independent publisher is using Poool to maximize conversion rates, gain valuable insights about their audience and personalize user experiences.

The Subscription Tool Kit.

We'll say it time and time again but defining your value proposition is an essential first step before launching your strategy. It's at the heart of what make paywalls and subscription offers work - you're conveying to the user the value that you will provide to them if they pay to subscribe to your content. Without it, and without continuing to share it with your audience, it'll be hard to make your strategy as success.

Don't fear though! We have plenty of help at hand.

Firstly, this article on defining your value proposition using 2 simple but useful frameworks.

How to Define your Value Proposition.
Value propositions are essential to define before launching a premium strategy. But where do you start? This article works through Poool’s recommended 2-step process.

As well as this white paper on how paywalls are just the tip of the iceberg! Discover what else is needed to get your strategy off to a good start before you even launch.

Value Proposition and Subscription Offers for Publishers
Paywalls are only the tip of the iceberg! Your value proposition and subscription offers are hugely important - find out how you can optimize them and clearly define them to readers.

The Subscription Tool Kit.

Now for the juicy stuff! How do you go about launching your paywall and subscription strategy? Where do you even start this mammoth task?

Luckily for you, we have a white paper to work through every step to take when launching!

How to Launch a Paywall and Digital Subscription Strategy
We all know the value of a subscription strategy, but how do you launch one successfully? Find every step to take in this white paper.

Remember, Poool is on hand to support you in launching your strategy and provide the tools to make it a success! Just book a free meeting with Stèphane and his team of experts to get some personalized advice about the best path to take to reach your goals!

The Subscription Tool Kit.

So you've launched (woo 🎉) but you now need to ensure it's a success. This is where Key Performance Indicators come in useful. With the right KPIs, you can understand exactly how your strategy is running and figure out which areas aren't working so well, allowing you to optimize these in the future (see part 5).

Unsure on what to measure? Well, let me introduce THE ultimate list of KPIs that you should be tracking to make your strategy a success! You're welcome.

KPIs to Follow for a Successful Paywall and Subscription Strategy.
The ultimate list of the KPIs that you should be measuring to make your digital subscription strategy a success!

And how about Poool's north star KPI, one that we recommend all digital publishers track and seek to improve!

The North Star KPI for Digital Publishers.
With so many potential KPIs out there to track, how can you be sure of which metrics will have the greatest impact on your business? Discover Poool’s recommendation of which KPI to prioritize!

The Subscription Tool Kit.

KPIs are all well and good, but where do you go next? You may be aware that you're under-performing in one area of the funnel, but how do you solve this problem? How do you optimize your strategy to maximize conversion rates and ARPU?

A/B testing. Through trialling out a hypothesis on part of your audience, you'll be able to discover precisely what works and what doesn't, applying what you've learnt to the user journey. A/B testing is therefore an essential part of any successful business' strategy.

Have a read of this white paper to find out more about A/B testing, best practices and how you can test in the Poool Dashboard.

A/B Testing 101 - How to Optimize your Conversion Rates.
Everything you need to launch your A/B test!

We also have the final summary of our analysis of 9 successful content producers, including best practices and KPIs to follow for each step of the subscription funnel.

Optimize your Conversion Funnel to Turn Users into Subscribers
How can you optimize your conversion funnel? We look through every stage in the user journey towards subscription, with examples from 11 publishers and best practices to apply to your strategy.

If you prefer to watch and listen rather than read, take a look at our webinar where we summarized what we learnt in our analysis, including what you should you do to lead your strategy to success.

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And, if you're employing a hard paywall (where users aren't able to access any content without paying to subscribe, such as The Financial Times), we have this white paper for you to optimize your wall!

White Paper: How to Optimize your Hard Paywall.
Optimizing your paywall goes way beyond just improving conversion rates. This article goes through every step of the paywall, with KPIs, examples and actionable advice.

And finally, an informative explanation of how to ensure that your wall doesn't affect the SEO on your webpages (something that's pretty important to bear in mind).

Paywalls and SEO
We look at how you can launch a paywall strategy whilst minimizing risks to SEO.

Or watch the webinar with SEO expert and founder of State of Digital Publishing, Vahe Arabian!

However, THE most important tool that you need for a paywall and subscription strategy to be a success is the right tech solution - one that not only enables you to launch your strategy but one that also allows for continuous optimization, that's flexible to your goals, a tool where you can manage subscription and, ultimately, one that allows you to create user journeys that convert, retain and monetize.

This is exactly what Poool's solution provides.

  • Launch you paywall with only 2 days of tech integration before your marketing team have full autonomy thanks to the Poool Dashboard
  • Segment your audience based on user profile or context, creating adapted journeys that lead each segment to converting in the most optimal way possible
  • Use our ready-made but full adaptable widgets to build these scenarios, including paywalls (hard, metered or freemium), registration walls, cookie walls, newsletter walls, survey walls, ad-walls and more
  • AB test scenarios, design and wording within each user segment, analyzing results and making optimization changes in the Dashboard

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