Some time ago, we announced the addition of ย "the Form" in Access. The purpose of the latter is to make the user experience more pleasant on the sites of publishers by offering directly in the paywall a space allowing (for example) the creation of an account or a first subscription step.

Following the feedback from the first customers who implemented it, it seemed obvious to us to go further on the subject and offer an option to be able to offer a simplified payment.

Why ?

Beyond the obviousness of such an evolution on a functionality like the Form, we noted that the conversion tunnels present on the sites of our customers were often long, in several stages, with a high risk of losing the user. before conversion. This is also one of the lessons of the Digital Media Review.

It would be a shame to convince a user and then lose him because the tunnel is too and / or too complicated ๐Ÿ™Œ

How ?

This way, on the dashboard :

Technically, we rely on Stripe to provide this functionality. It works this way:

  • The user arrives on a page and is confronted with a form with a blue card control.
  • He fills in his information and validates the form. Poool will create the card imprint with Stripe and send it back in the onFormSubmit event (
  • In onFormSubmit, the publisher encodes its account creation / validation logic and retrieves the card fingerprint token. (See this article:
  • Then, he uses the API of his Stripe integration to validate the user's payment and associate the type of payment (recurring, one shot, etc.) with the token. At the same time, the editor creates access for the user.
  • The user has his subscription created in the Stripe publisher and his access is valid.

You will find more technical elements here:

Obviously, each editor has its specificities, and we are here to help you to integrate this functionality as well as possible.

We hope you will be satisfied with this new feature. Please feel free to share your feedback, comments and questions with us. Now go to your Poool Dashboard!