Engagement is widely accepted as the essential element to a successful digital revenue strategy. However, true success lies in understanding what engagement actions are the most effective in increasing the monetary value of each individual reader, or average revenue per user (ARPU). Whether a publisher’s revenue strategy is driven by subscriptions, ads, or both, there are a number of high-value engagement strategies to employ that drive time on site, page views, registrations, and subscriptions.

This white paper, produced in collaboration with Viafoura, will focus on practical implementations that move users through the funnel from anonymous, to newsletter subscriber, to registered member, and finally to an engaged, registered reader who is ready to subscribe.

Poool: engagement and conversion journey to subscription
  • The drive from anonymous to registered
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Registration
  • Enhancing a registered user’s experience to drive subscriptions
  • Implementation: putting theory into practice
  • Conclusion

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