We're excited to share the latest updates available on your Dashboard, with features aimed at improving and simplifying your experience ✨

  • Be autonomous with Engage - publish overlay elements directly from your Dashboard
  • See exactly what your readers will see - preview has been given a refresh with a brand new browser extension
  • Better control how your widgets are displayed - an enriched design editor 

Creating overlay elements from the dashboard

You now have complete autonomy to display overlay elements with Engage!

A new field is available from the element settings, allowing you to style the element container as well as its content.

Engage - CSS

New browser extension and improved preview

Previewing how your work looks for the user has reached a new level thanks to our new browser extension.

To install the extension, click "preview" on one of your Access scenarios or Engage elements, then follow the instructions there:)

Chrome extension

Show/hide design blocks based on conditions

The design editor allows you to go even further in customization with the ability to display or hide any widget based on defined conditions:

  • Access: context, group or variable
  • Engage: custom filter, variable
Advanced display

Elsewhere on the Dashboard...


  • Add hiding conditions and choose from a catalogue of new conditions
  • Schedule elements to display between a specific date range
  • Schedule elements to display on a repeating basis
  • Copy & paste conditions within the same element, and from one element to another
  • Manage display priorities between different elements
  • Resize images by % or pixels, with the option to fill only one of the two variables (height or width)


  • Nonli has been added to the list of triggers


  • Two-factor authentication: you can now connect an authentication app
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