This series looks at the paywalls employed by a variety of online content producers. The user journey, the amount of information required from the user, the payment methods offered and the ease of unsubscribing. These are all key to ensuring the success of a paywall, hence why we created this series and are analyzing the conversion funnels of these publishers.

Remember, however, that your most valuable tool to persuading a reader to take out their credit card and subscribe is your value proposition and content.

We'll cover:

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Today: Audible!

What's required of a user wishing to subscribe to Audible?

  • 5 clicks are needed to subscribe and browse content
  • 2 scrolls are required
  • 10 fields need to be filled out (including fields concerning the home address for a 100% digital subscription);
  • only one payment method is available (card).

So, step by step.

Step 1: try Audible Free

Once on the Audible website, we click on the inviting offer “Click to Try Audible free”.

Step 2: creating an Amazon account

Then we're asked to sign in to our Amazon account, or create one. We need to create an Amazon account.

For the creation of the account, we have to provide our name, email address and then choose a password and confirm it.

We are sent a one-time password to verify our email address.

Step 3: recap of the offer and payment

Our account has now been created and we need to provide our bank details. Only one payment method is available.

Here, the user is reminded that they are receiving a 30-day free trial and that they will be charged $14.95 after this time has elapsed. Two scrolls are needed to fill out the payment form and pay. This requires both our home address and mobile phone number, perhaps not necessarily needed but may mean that they send advertising/promotions by mail.

  • Full name
  • Country
  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2 (optional)
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Phone number

Note: The ‘start free trial’ button turns orange when the required details are filled in.

Step 3: start browsing

After having clicked on “Start Free Trial”, we are directed to the home page and encouraged to find our first listen. A summary of our subscription is sent by email.

That’s it, we’ve subscribed to Audible and were able to listen to audiobooks!

To sum it up, here are the steps to subscribe to Audible:

  • 5 clicks are needed to subscribe and browse content
  • 2 scrolls are required
  • 10 fields need to be filled out (email, password, confirmation of password, OTP number, name, country, address, postal code, city, phone number) - This is quite a high number compared to other paywalls analyzed
  • a single payment method is available (card)

What about mobile devices?

The same subscription journey, same number of clicks and same options. The display is adjusted though to fit the smaller screen better.

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